Press releases are not articles and they don’t get submitted to article directories. Instead, a PR is a news story that is only interesting to certain publications. Why would the editor of a weekly newspaper in Arizona care about your ice cream stand’s grand opening in Toronto? Or why would the editor of a charity publication for people with cancer care about the website launch release for your upscale handbags? They wouldn’t. In fact, your email or request for inclusion will be considered spam and it will be promptly deleted, and with any luck they’ll ban you from further submissions.

This is the primary thing that most people forget when it comes to distributing PRs: publications are specific to a topic or region or both. Sending your news out to people who will only be exasperated by it is nothing short of stupid. Don’t do it.

And consider this: if you’re sending your press release out to websites that will accept any kind of release from anyone, how much value you do you think there is in the fleeting flash of the PR0 link that you’ll get for about 15 minutes on these low authority sites?

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