Company Events Make For Great Press Release Topic Ideas

Think you have nothing exciting going on within your organization? You may be surprised at some of the internal events that make for great news. Of interest to clients and potential clients are:

• Philanthropic endeavors: Have any upcoming charity or community events that your team is participating in? Your clients will love knowing that they are partnering with an organization that is socially aware and proactive contributing to those in need.

• A customer contest, raffle or giveaway: Customers will absolutely want to hear about your company’s current contests. Send along the final release to your affiliate online partners so they can help get the word out and further the online excitement.

• Trade show events: Have an upcoming trade show that you and your staff will be attending? These marketing events make for great PR fodder and will help increase booth visitors during the event.

Using Company Product & Services For Press Release Topic Ideas

Sure, you already have an established consumer base that knows how great your services and wares are. But the Internet grants you access to an entire world of patrons just waiting to hear about a product like yours. Keep them in the know with:

• Updates on newly released (or about to be released!) products and services.

• Pending company sales. Everyone loves a great deal – always keep your consumers informed when products and services are being offered at a discount.

• Any recently publications or broadcasts. Have you recently blogged, distributed online copy or posted a video to YouTube? Your clientele would love to hear about it!

Staff Announcements Are Always Newsworthy Press Release Topic Ideas

Sometimes businesses resist a press release simply because it exudes too much “shameless self-promotion.” However, every business owner LOVES to boast about employee achievements. Brag away about:

• Pending speaking engagements: Do you have an onsite expert that is serving as a keynote speaker soon? Always distribute one PR before the event to get the word out, and one afterwards to let your consumers know how successful the function was.

• New personnel: Directors and C-Level staff always make for great news. Be sure to include your new employee’s work history and industry relevance so your customers instantly see the value this person will deliver.

• Employee award or achievement: Whenever someone on your team has been recognized in any way, proudly tout it out to the masses!

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