There are millions of web sites on the World Wide Web today. All these web sites need proper promotional efforts to get lots of visitors. As there is a lot of competition amongst the web sites to get the fair web traffic flow, it is important that all these websites pay all due attention towards promoting themselves. Without doing it they will not be able to promote themselves and as a result the website will not be able to produce good money for the owners. One of the methods which are very commonly used by the web marketers is the use of press releases as a tool to promote a web site. No web site can survive without proper promotion. Press release can act as a very suitable promotional tool. The press releases are generally carrying some new information about the product or service about which they have been written. Although press releases are basically written to inform the target market about some added feature in the product, there are many ways of making money through press release writing as well.

1. If you are a professional copywriter, you can write a lot of press releases for the people who need it. You can get paid for this service. In this way you can sell your services to make money through press release writing.

2. The press releases made can help you in getting more and more of the web traffic. The visits can be converted into actual sales and thus the press releases help you in making money.

3. Web traffic flow can increase a lot due to the press release. This web traffic flow can help you in making money.

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